Breakthrough Retreat at Lava Hot Springs

Breakthrough Retreat

At Lava Hot Springs

The Art and Magic of Breakthroughs

A Weekend of Accelerated Mastery

"You shall top a rise and behold Creation, and you shall need  the tongues of angels to tell what you have seen . . ."                                                                                                                                                                                 Nancy Newhall


  • More FUN than ANY other course, playing in the highest, most sacred of states at the Hot Springs and the best Thai food in 5 states!
  • How to Do Awakening Style Breakthroughs:  An in-depth review of the science, principles and methodology of each of the 4 Stages (this will be the Dream Maker’s opportunity to learn how to do Awakening Style Breakthroughs)
  • The opportunity to have another Awakening Style Breakthrough and to facilitate one.
  • To play with Awakening Grads and Breakthrough Leaders – As touching, moving and inspiring a space as ANY course.  A chance to learn and play together in sacred space.
  • Learning from the Breakthrough Leader’s and each other’s genius.  To share and pool our recent discoveries, insights and innovations.
  • Limited ONLY to Awakening Grads, Breakthrough Leaders, BL In Training, LFI & DM Grads.  Spouses and friends are welcome to play with us when the day is over!

What People Are Saying:

I thought I was clear about my dreams and what I wanted in life. I was pursuing my dream with confidence and believed I operated on all pistons.  However, the experience of Lava changed my whole perspective on life! The Lava retreat helped me discover a new power that I never knew was possible for me! I have gained courage, commitment, compassion, and permission to dream, along with priceless tools that I can use everyday to live IN a dream called MY LIFE! I have discovered untapped inner power that has already transformed my life and the BEST is yet to come! Thank You GOD and Thank You Gary for these precious gifts!  … you owe it to yourself to experience the Lava Breakthrough Leader retreat! JUST DO IT! Give yourself this special gift and TASTE what is possible for you!                                                                          

Harvey Dockstader Jr. Entrepreneur & Elite Activity Founder


I always come back to Lava BL Retreat for 3 reasons 1) to witness Awakening Grads learn the impactful and powerful Breakthrough Process, and witness healing at this level for the next step toward higher ground 2) the rage-work process takes all of us beyond our barriers to unprecedented freedom and blessings 3) when the day is over we get play like one very happy family - this is the most fun!                                                    

Lore Acevedo - Rapid Eye Technician

The Value of Lava:  Sacred healing---a place to discover one’s true heart.  To be all God created us to be.  Supported in love and safety we all grow and let our light shine.  In so doing, we give others the permission to let their light shine.  Inner work for me is a journey and I embrace the knowledge that I do make a difference.

~Kim Conner Coleman
Member Confederated Tribe of the
Umatilla Indian Reservation, Pendleton, OR

I am ALIVE!  I have sent my entire life being a victim of bad health.  With Gary’s work I have been able to heal my body and my soul.  I now have a desire to actually want to see every human soul just for who they are and where they are, and not for who I think they should be.  I invite every person to just give this work a possibility for them.  I’ve found that unless one does this, they will stay stuck in their old patterns and will continue to attract the same old crap that doesn’t work.

~Debbie Webster
Director of Operations of D & A Collections Services


This experience is PRICELESS!  Words are inadequate to express the gratitude I feel for having this life transforming experience at Lava.  I am sitting in the lap of Source, of life.  I am alive in ways I have never been before!!!!  My vision has been opened so that I have eyes to see life.  My ears are unstopped so that I have ears to hear the Spirit on a whole new level.  I have a heart so open that my capacity to love unconditionally is expanded.  I am love on the whole new level.  I testify of that love; the love of Creator with deep gratitude.  Thank you, Gary Acevedo for sharing your gifts with us, and creating such a safe space for us to grow.   

~Linda Radford

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