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An Unprecedented Level of Guidance and Coaching

One on one coaching: Your projects can either catapult you into a new level of success or set you back – sometimes by millions of dollars and years of investment. When I listen to you, I can hear whether your projects are headed for a “lesson” or a “blessing”. I can tell when you are justifying strategies that will result in a train wreck, or owning the strategies that can produce unlimited success. Within the first 2 hours, I will know where your personal power and energy are leaking – the top 3 holes in your personal success bucket. Plug the holes where the energy is leaking, the bucket fills with financial blessings. Coaching on this level is invaluable.

% Coaching: For those that have a business vehicle with real potential and simply need the coaching to get out of their own way, once you demonstrate that you are willing to play the “inner game”, you are eligible to become a % client. I will coach you into significantly raising your income, and receive a % of your increase. Once I take you on in this dynamic – you will get there! Trainings: A variety of topics that are key to creating a successful business including Visioning and Structure (Profit energy follows structure), Breakthrough Sales, Communicating for Results, Team Alignment, Personal Productivity, The Power of Intention, Commitment to Results and more.

Accomplishment and Success Stories

Ron McMillan (Co founder of Covey – 7 Habits) was the highest rated, and most successful at The Covey Leadership center. During a training for AT&T the man in charge of 40,000 people said, “Ron, I know you’re a good guy, and you have the best intentions, but I just don’t think this is going to fit in our culture”. He knew he had just lost the contract with AT&T, so with nothing to lose, he used a skill called “How to Melt Your Favorite Jerk”. The executive “melted,” he turned the man around, and walked out with a $6.5 million contract. He was later asked to advise Gorbachev, and has co-written several best sellers including “Crucial Conversations”, “Crucial Confrontations” and recently “Influencer”, a number-1 bestseller.

Out of applying the principles of the Awakening Retreat and “the greatest key to manifesting personal dreams”, Joseph Grenny and his partners created “Unite Us”, a non-profit organization designed to spread the work of Micro-funding around the globe. They are currently responsible for bringing 3.5 million people out of poverty. With Ron McMillan, they were asked to advise Gorbachev, and with their partners wrote 3 best sellers including “Crucial Conversations” and “Influencer”.

Corbin Wells was a mortgage banker making $20,000 a month, and within 20 sessions – increased his sales 60%.

Took Harvey Dockstader who had a network marketing type of company from $120,000 a year, to $70 – $80,000 a month within 7 months.

After 1 session with Muffy Davis Gary gave her a physical anchor to replicate her best performance at will, and she won 4 silver medals in the last Paralympics.

Gary took a millionaire (who prefers to remain anonymous) from almost a million a year, to 7 – 8 million a year, in less than 9 months, by assisting him to plug the leaks where his personal life’s energy was leaking.

Wes Hanna was a lawyer used to making $150 an hour. A contract came up for $1500 an hour and all the largest firms were bidding for it. Wes was a one man show and not likely to win the contract. He used the skills from “The Power to Enroll” to enroll the contract!

Burt Bunnell was about to lose his business due to problems with a regulatory agency. Facing 5 agents loaded for bear, he used “How to Melt Your Favorite Jerk” and within an hour had them all brainstorming how he could keep his business that built a machine that saves premature babies’ lives! Today 1000’s of babies’ lives have been saved because Bert got coaching from Gary. It saved the life of Gary’s pre-mature niece!