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Coaching Certification & Private Practice Success

  • Resolve ANY inner conflict
  • Turn obstacles into personal power opportunities
  • Reprogram ineffective strategies for success to action plans that work

The Mastery of Influence and Empowerment

Earn a great living, coaching people with tools and skills from the cutting edge. Coaching is exploding across the country. A successful coach can earn up to several hundred dollars per hour. You will learn dozens of invaluable tools to empower and facilitate everyone vital at home and in your career.

Experience The Value:

Learn unique innovative technologies designed to:

  • Resolve ANY inner conflict
  • Turn obstacles, upsets or problems into strengths and personal power
  • Reprogram ineffective personal strategies for action
  • Create new behavior patterns and new possibilities for your life
  • Awaken new confidence in your ability to succeed
  • Ignite wholehearted passion for playing life all out

Coaching for Results:

Success is simply doing what works. Over the years innumerable salespeople, executives and leaders with specific goals, have wanted coaching to assure specific results for achieving their goals. Many success stories demonstrate that with support from an experienced coach, they can get them to stop resisting or avoiding, and to do the things that work. Leaders have discovered that an experienced coach is not a luxury but a necessity when you’re sincere about expanding your success. The greater your responsibilities, arena, influence or potential for success, the more the coaching can result in dramatic improvement in performance.

Changing Behaviors:

From bad habits, to major changes, successfully changing behaviors is a science in itself. The last 50 years has provided a revolution in methods that offer real hope. Using powerful methods from Rational Emotive technology, you can often reprogram emotional reactions and successfully change a behavior in a month to four months.

The Voice of Ruthless Compassion:

In coaching, facilitating, sales and any field that influences people, tone of voice is FUNDAMENTAL! Gain mastery in the ability to say the most ruthless of truths from a tone of voice that communicates safety, compassion, unconditional support and the absolute intention to empower. The invaluable ability to say the worst, and have them say, “Thank you.”

Grow Your Level of Insight with Intuitive Seeing & Higher Self Readings

A Higher Self reading has the reader seeing intuitively and reflecting back the persons highest, most noble self. It includes their greatest strengths, talents and gifts, along with any sense of mission or purpose, a higher context for some of the battles of their life. In this program we train our facilitators to grow their level of insight by learning to see intuitively. After practicing a few times, they discover they can tremendously increase their level of insight and talents working with people.

Re-Creation: The 7 Master Skills of Transformation the “Swiss Army Knife” of Empowerment.


This seminar gives participants 7 of the most potent, cutting edge tools of empowerment including; one very simple model (the DON’T WANT / DO WANT theaters of the mind) and one fundamental process; (the DON’T WANT / DO WANT Re-Creation process) and you can use this simple yet profound impactful process in 7 significant applications including:


  • Advanced Dealing with Difficult People (“How to ‘Melt’ your favorite Jerk”)
    Turning verbal monsters into teddy bears within minutes.


  • How to resolve or disappear ANY upset for yourself or others.
  • How to transform self criticism into self-esteem and peak performance.
  • How to create personal satisfaction, fulfillment and peace in any situation, under any circumstances.

You are perfectly designed to get the results you are now getting! For new results you must redesign yourself! Discover how the Outer world of results is determined in the Inner world of causes. All of your results start and are sourced in your inner world of perception, thoughts, feelings and behavior. (Example: Olympic Skier) Put the fire out where the fire is! Changing situations doesn’t solve the problem or shift the pattern.


  • How to transform all complaints into productive contributions.
  • How to transform judgments of others into effective compassionate coaching.


  • Eliminate peoples personal concerns, considerations or fears in order to market your services or product, or enroll them into your ideas and projects.

Couples Coaching:

Using highly advanced communication skills, couples can learn to get through on the toughest of topics, handling crucial conversations which support both people in honoring their truth, and asking for what they want, in a way that doesn’t put up with anything, and doesn’t “rip their face off,” but creates understanding and greater intimacy with win-win solutions. If couples are willing to practice these skills, they will forever have the tools to “get through” in those crucial conversations, and know absolutely that there is no topic they can’t handle with grace, skill and positive results.

Transformational Listening:

Listening skills that transform their experience. Hearing the “Sweet Heart Message,” (The positive intent behind the negative behavior)

How Life Works: The Path with Heart

  • Success always starts with a vision and always ends with results. By definition, a successful person, a leader, is a maker of dreams! A creator of intentions.
  • True Living is Living IN the Dream (The child “building a fort”)
  • When you’re NOT experiencing the connection between your daily activities and your dreams, you’re NOT in a state of satisfaction or fulfillment, you’re in a state of “going through the motions.”

Eliciting Wholehearted Participation:

Facilitating in such a way those participants will become coach able; feel safe and go beyond their fears and considerations to playing enthusiastically and wholeheartedly.

Innumerable Success Stories:

At the end of each chapter of the new book, I decided to use “Real Life Success Stories” to demonstrate the practical applications of “Inner Work.” Stories from home and business, from corporate executives to teenagers. These stories will inspire and demonstrate the true leverage of “Inner Skills.”

Private Practice Success:

How to Build a Successful Private Practice or Small Business:
Personal Support to Overcome Barriers:
Enrollment & Innovative Sales Training

Earn More with Coaching

  • Name all the professions where you can earn $150.00 an hour and more without going to college for 6 – 12 years. Coaching is one of the few. Learn how to charge $100 an hour and more and have your clients feel great about it. Even coaching companies pay $20.00 to $50.00 an hour.
  • Coaching is one of the only careers with no national requirements or licenses. Anyone can purchase a certificate on the internet for $70.00. This means that people’s success is up to 1) their marketing abilities and 2) their skills as a coach. With this course, you can learn both from someone with over 30 years experience in both.
  • It is rapidly expanding as one of the fastest growing professions in the country. Why? Because executives and other professionals are realizing that support for accomplishing our goals is not a luxury, but is essential to success.
  • We will show you the very best coaching and facilitative tools available. Learn to empower, influence, to assist clients and loved one to move beyond their barriers, and make real movement toward their dreams, and give their gifts.
  • We will show you how to market your business and build a successful private practice. The practical tools you will learn for building a successful small business are invaluable, can be used immediately and will last a lifetime regardless of your business.