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One on one coaching: Your projects can either catapult you into a new level of success or set you back – sometimes by millions of dollars and years of investment.  When I listen to you, I can hear whether your projects are headed for a “lesson” or a “blessing.”  I can tell when you are justifying strategies that will result in a train wreck, or owning the strategies that can produce unlimited success.  Within the first 2 hours, I will know where your personal power and energy are leaking – the top 3 holes in your personal success bucket.  Plug the holes where the energy is leaking and the bucket fills with financial blessings.  Guidance and coaching on this level is invaluable.  You can either pay my hourly rate or if you have a business vehicle with real potential, I will significantly raise your income, and receive a % of your increase.  Once I take you on as a coach – you will get there!  Won’t you be surprised when your success shows up in a big way?

The Retreat: The Retreat was designed to provide the most potent and profound re-programming of non working patterns and barriers available. It assists people in moving beyond their current obstacles to unprecedented success and fulfillment.  It is a deeply moving experience of your best and highest self.  It would be virtually impossible to participate and not have your life go up to the next level.

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(For More Info and Course Fees at all levels contact Carol @ (801) 803-2134 or (863) 2073559 or (801) 414-7020 )