Nov. 12 – 15 and Feb. 18 – 21


•      We attract our unfinished selves: the people who mirror our own unresolved issues, the people who push our emotional “buttons.”

•      We always attract people with whom we have the most to learn because they represent the opportunity to resolve and be complete with our issues.

•      The more we resist our own issues, doubts, fears, etc., the more we attract people and situations which do push our buttons, causing us to become upset.

•      Our upsets are unlearned lessons. Until we face the issue and learn the lesson, we create “bigger and better” situations so that we can recognize and learn the lesson. If we don’t learn it this time, no problem! The Universe is so kind it will make sure we get the lesson again, only “bigger and better.”



•      We approach relationships from the perspective, “If only he/she would change. . . then I’d be happy and fulfilled.” The changes we want for them are fine. However, our strategies often inhibit any real growth.

•      Our attempts to change others contain fundamental and very specific messages.

•      Typically we express these messages in two non-working modes: PASSIVE (put up with, ignore, swallow feelings, withhold judgments, etc.) or AGGRESSIVE (attack-verbally or nonverbal- put down, judge, make wrong, find fault, blame, strike out, etc.)

•      While we continue to use these ineffective methods time after time, year after year, we wonder why they don’t get our messages, why they don’t see the light!

•      All perception is projection. So all of our messages to others are projections! Regardless of the accuracy of our messages to our partners, these messages are ultimately directed to that aspect of ourselves which is mirrored in them. Our messages are ultimately meant for ourselves.

•      Stage II is where 99% of the planet’s current relationships are stuck. Few have tasted what is now available: the ability to create a Healing Relationship as a vehicle for manifesting potential.



•      Our messages have the power to heal others, to empower them, to accelerate their growth, to set them free and to bring them home!

•      If we can learn New Skills which empower us to get our messages across, then others will really hear us. When they hear us, we really hear the message ourselves! The instant they get it, we can and actually do, get it for the first time!

•      As others finally recognize us (who we are, our true magnificence), we finally recognize ourselves!

•      As we forgive them, we are forgiven! As they are healed, we are healed!

•      Until we learn to get through to them, we rob ourselves of our own forgiveness, resolution, and healing.



•      The process called healing has a promise for us. The promise of healing is the realization of our own higher purpose, our mission, our expression and contribution. We came to learn what we came to teach.

•      We chose to create every battle of our lives in order to develop certain resources, in order to create a personality that would match our spirit – one capable of giving our particular gift.

•      As we participate in the continuous realization of our partner’s potential and healing, they naturally come to realize their purpose and destiny.

•      As they realize their purpose and destiny . . . so do we!

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