CORP-REL-R1-E024Empowerment Dialogue: The Ultimate Conflict Resolution Tool

A Breakthrough in Inner Conflict Resolution, Healing and Empowerment

 An inspired tool for Coaches, Therapists, Healers, and any practitioner of the healing arts.

A unique revolutionary healing dialogue process designed to . . . .

  • Resolve ANY inner conflict!
  • Never make a bad decision again! Make those BIG decisions being resolved, complete, at  peace.
  • Disappear ANY upset and transform obstacles into personal power and forward movement.
  • Reprogram non-working, ineffective or self-defeating behaviors
  • Create new behavior patterns; which determine your results.
  • Ignite wholehearted passion for playing all out


Decisions forge your life. Decisions forge the path to success or failure. How many times have you faced the consequences of decisions which were made from an ineffective place inside of yourself, or which weren’t true to self?

Yet you cherish the moments when you made decisions that you felt really good about, decisions that felt true, resolved and effective in spite of the odds or others’ expectations. These decisions strengthen, fulfill and empower us before the outcome is known.  These decisions empower us no matter what the outcome is! Now you can make those kinds of decisions a part of daily procedure.

Built on the foundations of Gestalt Therapy and several proven empowerment technologies, this revolutionary innovation provides a quantum leap in healing and empowerment.


“Whenever we perceive a conflict with any problem or upset, we experience the conflict through two divided parts of ourselves.   No matter what the situation is or the people involved, every conflict gets voiced within our selves through these two internal characters.

Whenever any two organisms, any two selves (between you and your self or between you and others) are in conflict, there is a dialogue that keeps them stuck. This allows us to map out the conversation within ourselves that occurs with every upset, problem or obstacle!

Whenever any two selves resolve the conflict, there is a dialogue that allows them to come to resolution. With this new process we’re able to engage in the dialogue which is essential to every resolution. This is the dialogue that is the resolution. Every conflict has the same ingredients, and every resolution is answered within this dialogue.

It is the same dialogue that goes on between every parent and every child, between every person and themselves, between every husband and wife, between every supervisor and employee, between friends, between family members, between any two people in any relationship, between organizations, between nations. In essence this dialogue is the fundamental dialogue, the only dialogue there really is, the only conversation. It is the eternal dialogue!”

Gary Acevedo