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Below are the items for your package with the Judy Anderson Show

Items 1 – 6 include the PDF of Gary’s Book, a 14 video series of Highlights from Gary’s Teachings and Programs, 3 intro videos from the opening nights of Gary’s breakthrough seminars, and a visualization called “Heart of the Human Spirit”. These items are listed in a different order than on Judy’s website.


Gary’s Book

“Awakening the Gift You Are: 7 Master Keys to Ignite Your Passion, Power and Profits.”

(click the link above to open and download)


Click Here to go to the Highlights Video Series.

This ITEM includes 3 to 7 minutes videos highlighting some of the best insights and techniques from Gary’s training seminars.


Intro to Magical Realms of the Sacred Self


Intro to Unlimited Influence


Intro to Master Keys to Assure Your Success


Heart of the Human Spirit Visualization