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Team cheering a Presentation   Presentation and Facilitation Innovations for Breakthrough Results in Speaking and Training

“Gary is one in a million. In one training session he will give you no less than 75 crucial facilitation skills that will have your audience inviting you back time and time again.” Larry Myler Praxis Institute President Corporations nationwide now recognize the need for a more ‘meaningful’ training. They want their training to be remembered as something that made a significant difference, not to the few, but to all. They want their training to go beyond conceptual understanding and remembered as simply a good idea, but something applied significantly for long lasting changes. They want these valuable lessons to be remembered like the most significant learning moments in one’s life, as a meaningful experience. Experiential training has become a field in themselves. The field has developed innumerable techniques and innovations, many of which are appropriately useful and enormously helpful in creating the type of meaningful training for which today’s audiences are increasingly hungry. A good trainer can add numerous highly advanced skills and tools to their facilitator repertoire, and see immediate results in their feedback. A great trainer already uses many of these innovations naturally, and through this training can greatly expand their awareness of the structure behind the ‘magic’ they create, and thus use these tools deliberately and brilliantly. If the client isn’t listening, they aren’t buying. Today’s clients grow increasingly cynical of the typical training. At their worst, they are didactic, conceptual, lecture style training, which reminds clients of the worst aspects of their childhood education. The ground has been prepared and is very fertile for advancement in training. The experiential seminar realm is a true innovation in delivering seminar material. Ordinary training can be redesigned to have a much more profound impact, because the new training brings participants to the issues of personal effectiveness and personal power in a brilliant way. Participants will experience safely, gently, yet completely the principles that they most want to master. Trainers of the Future 3-Day Demonstration of Experiential Seminar Innovations The Power of the Experiential Realm: Experiential training field has developed innumerable technique, powerful innovations, transforming ordinary presentations into exciting, motivating, awe inspiring, moving, learning experiences which can last a lifetime. Even a handful of the innovative, yet simple techniques can energize and enliven a group, which immediately increases feedback scores and ultimately increases sales! The experiential realm is an innovation, which is a revolution in delivering seminar material. Participants will more completely integrate their learning by safely, gently, experiencing the principles that they most want to master. Key Training and Facilitator Techniques: We start at the foundation of experiential training. Gary divides the group into 2 competitive teams. While playing the “Name That Technique” game, the group identifies more than one hundred innovative facilitator-training techniques as Gary demonstrates experiential innovations. The techniques cover a wide range of fundamental presentation categories including: SUCCESSFUL SEMINAR DESIGN, PRE-SEMINAR PACKET, THE USE OF GROUP ENERGY AND ATMOSPHERE, CONTENT ARRANGEMENT, BODY LANGUAGE (for both the Trainer and the participants), TONE OF VOICE, BUILDING RAPPORT AND IGNITING ACKNOWLEDGMENTS, WORD PACING, EXPERIENTIAL USE OF GAMES, DEALING WITH VERBAL ATTACKERS, GROUP RESISTANCE, DEFENSIVENESS AND DIFFICULT SITUATIONS, THE APPROPRIATE USE OF MUSIC, QUOTES AND VIDEO CLIPS and more. The Power of Presence in Presentations: Personal presence is not only a handy tool when presenting or facilitating, it is the essence of a dynamic presentation. It is the source of our personal success, our self-concept, our ability to communicate, our approachability, and intimacy. Whether you are aware of it or not, through your presence you are communicating at all times, emanating like a light bulb. You are either communicating your strengths, (confidence, aliveness, etc.) or your self-doubts (fears, barriers, non-working or alienating behaviors). In the advanced phases participants are coached on how to accentuate their individual strengths in all aspects of their presentation. Both non-verbal and verbal skills are evaluated, including clothes, posture, facial expression, tone of voice, material, mannerisms, style, vitality, etc. This is only the first level of feedback. Other levels follow, building greater and greater levels of mastery in presentation skills. Presentation Teams and Video Feedback: The Trainers will be put into teams designed to provide the support, the feedback, the coaching, the rating and the corrections necessary to empower each person on the team to rise in ability as quickly as possible. They will examine the true meaning of being coach able: the distinction between surrendering and succumbing. These teams will provide each other with invaluable support as they learn and share what has worked and doesn’t work through a formal structure and a unique feedback tool designed to accelerate the process. Nothing accelerates a presenter’s skill like the pure clarity of video feedback. Later, each person is assigned to do their presentation with their small group and receive the feedback and dynamic coaching with the video recording. The Voice of ‘Ruthless Compassion’: In facilitating, tone of voice is FUNDAMENTAL! Master the ability to say the most ruthless of truths from a tone of voice that communicates safety, compassion, unconditional support and the absolute intention to empower. The ability to say the “worst,” and have them say, “Thank you.” The Successful Trainers Greatest Single Tool: The group energy, the emotional atmosphere, the “space” of the room, the level of permission, the laughter, participation, the conditions of creativity, the ‘magic’ or spirit of the group is built on the level of subconscious safety the presenter creates. The “space” is the emotional atmosphere of a room. It is that invisible, magical quality which fills a room as the emotional atmosphere gets safer, more conducive to sharing, more supportive. It is that group energy which allows the level of motivation, participation, insights, revelations, the size of the personal risks to occur, and thus the depth of emotional impact and long lasting integrated learning. The greater the space, the greater the insights, risks, and movement of the participants. The atmosphere of a room moves from conceptual understanding up the scale through various levels to life changing paradigm shifts and beyond. We will identify these levels and show how to move the group through them. Creative Imagination Exercises and Visualizations: Although it is one of the easiest techniques to learn, and one of the single most powerful experiential processes available, in a business environment, using it inappropriately can backfire. Knowing when and how to use visualizations is the key. Visualizations access the creative unconscious, the wisest, most spontaneous part of us. This part cannot lie, and can only reflect the truth for us. Visualizations access our intuition, the whole of our intelligence. They allow us to discover our hidden treasures and know the unknown. Eliciting Wholehearted Participation: Facilitate in such a way that participants will become coach-able, feel safe and go beyond their fears and considerations to playing enthusiastically and wholeheartedly. Turning Obstacles into Power: The Laws of Upset This module covers laws of personal reality, and offers powerful new breakthrough technology, which expands one’s paradigm and effectiveness. It offers the personal power over all problems and the ability to end all upsets. Dream Makers: Turning Visions into Results Having participants go beyond understanding their dreams and visions to experiencing them makes evident the facilitator value of their own aspiration, dreams and visions to any workshop. The trainer exhibits the essential skills to assist participants in connecting their personal needs, goals and dreams to the content of the material. Hidden Keys to the Making of Dreams: The Laws of Personal Productivity Happiness, fulfillment or satisfaction is a state of being. It gets created whenever human beings are using one of the very simple keys. (Always simple though rarely easy) Learn the hidden keys to satisfaction. Learn that you hold the power to be 100% satisfied, even while you have seemingly contradictory feelings like hurt, pain, fear, sadness or anger, no matter what other feelings you have, even during life’s crisis. Various techniques for handling difficult facilitator situations:

  • How to handle verbal attacks in front of the room.
  • How to handle resistance and defensiveness.
  • How to handle a situation when you DON’T know what to do.
  • How to elicit coach ability, so that participants will be open to what you say even when they initially disagree. They will suspend judgment, look openly at what the facilitator suggests, and try it.
  • How to buy time when you need to look within and see what to do.

The Power of Presence in Dynamic Presentations

  • The Power of the Experiential Realm: Cutting edge tools and applications
  • The Power of Personal Presence:  Everything positive or negative is drawn to you by
  • Your personal presence!  Ignite the power of your presence in every presentation.
  • How to handle difficult trainer situations, individual or group resistance, verbal attackers, saboteurs, defensiveness or when you don’t know what to do.
  • Tone of voice:  The great communication advantage – much more powerful than words
  • Body language:  The largest and most enrolling part of all presentations.
  • Eliciting wholehearted participation – a variety of tools
  • Pre-Seminar Tools: Double the seminar’s impact. Set up their participation and personal value.
  • Video, Music, Quotes and Games:  Cutting edge use technology resources
  • Turning obstacles, barriers, problems into Personal Power:  The anatomy and structure of all upsets, and turning them into success.
  • The Laws of Personal Productivity:  Hidden keys to turning visions into results
  • Trainers of the Future
  • The Single Greatest Tool in ANY Presentation: Group energy or atmosphere determines the participation, “aha’s”, laughter, etc.
  • The key is “subconscious safety”
  • Identify over 100 key facilitator, presentation and trainer tools
  • Masterful Coaching: Individual and very personal coaching from a master to accelerate your success as a trainer or facilitator.
  • Peer practice teams for supportive presentation feedback and coaching.
  • Creative visualizations: Design more memorable processes by tapping the leverage of imagination, and intuitive intelligence. Avoid the pitfalls that can backfire.
  • Video, Music, Quotes and Games: Cutting edge use technology resources
  • The Million Dollar Formula: The seven phases of successful seminar design. Magnifying the impact through masterful use of the experiential.

Biographical Sketch: Gary Acevedo, M.S.W., has lead personal empowerment training, retreats, and seminars for a diverse spectrum of corporate organizations, social service agencies, and private individuals since 1971. These include the World Futures Conference on Education, the 10 state Regional Conference for the Division of Rehabilitation, and he was chosen by the Utah Governors Commission to design the state wide Victims Rights Conference. In 1981, Gary founded the unique personal empowerment retreat known as the Awakening, and the corporate version called the Thresholds Retreat. He operates The Facilitators Institute; one of the most advanced and intensive training programs in the country for facilitators of experiential training, and is recognized as a trainer of trainers. Projects include the training of trainers for AT&T, Mass Mutual and others, training Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” course, consulting with members of the 1992 and 2002 Olympics, designing training for VitalSmarts (Authors of “Crucial Conversations” and “Crucial Confrontations,” Consultants to the Fortune 500, and invited to advise Gorbachev before the fall). What People are Saying About this Work:In 14 years of consulting, having worked with hundreds of organizational development professionals, Gary is without qualification the best facilitator I’ve ever encountered . . . the single most profound developmental experience of my professional career.   I experienced a significant paradigm shift . . . A change from ‘should do’ motivation to ‘want to’ motivation . . . greatly enhances the likelihood of action plans being carried out and sustained over time. Gary brings a revolutionary method to the learning of principles.  This program will significantly contribute to your professional development . … [It was] a deeply moving experience . … I immediately began to recognize tremendous implication for leadership development.” – Ron  McMillan, VITALSMARTS,  Co Author “Crucial Conversations” and “Influencer” “…one hour with Gary I gained a physical anchor and learned how to recreate my peak performance…one of my top racing performances winning 4 Silver Medals at the 2002 Paralympics.  I was able to perform in the zone …Gary is truly amazing!” – Muffy Davis, 4 Time Paralympic MedalistI’ve been a marketing professional for over fifteen years.  I didn’t have any interest in more sales training or what Gary calls “Inner Work.”…I found myself more stressed…less time to enjoy…family time diminished, I finally enrolled and WOW has it changed my life!  Gary’s work takes the message from a concept to an actual experience…truly life changing.  Since Gary’s work, my income has consistently increased…several months over $50 K!!!! …I’m looking forward to my first six figure month!!!  If you are considering Gary’s work, STOP thinking about it and JUST DO IT!” – Harvey Dockstader, EntrepreneurFor 15 years I’ve felt that most trainings were lecture intensive, but could only experiment for what else to use.  When it worked I didn’t know why!  From Gary, not only do I have training tools from the cutting edge, I know the structure behind the magic I can create.  My clients want you back for more!” – Tilly O’Neal, Senior Training Consultant, AT&T Education & Training “. . . outstanding.  It was amazing how much material you shared in such a short amount of time.  I came away with some valuable tools which made an immediate impact in my training.  My evaluation scores have already reflected the difference. . . . Every speaker and/or trainer should hear your material.” – Art Berg, President, Utah Speakers Association “You taught me how to see the love in myself – to see the love everywhere – I’m blown away at how different my world is, how phenomenal my life is…that I’m able to bless people the way I get to.” – Dr. Kevin Millet, Total Wellness InstituteWhat I value most is that it has resulted in a permanent change. I have learned at a physiological and psychological level new skills that make me happy and more effective, both professionally and personally.  And the process of learning was painless and fun!” – Marcia Bilbao, M. D. Former Chief of Radiology, V.A. Hospital “Gary is not just a masterful facilitator, he is one of the few who understands how to create masterful facilitators.” – Joseph Grenny, Vitality Alliance, Co Author “Crucial Conversations” and “Influencer” “Gary delivered a down to earth, practical training workshop giving us all kinds of good processes to implement . . . . We had fun, built a good sense of team spirit and came away feeling enriched as people.  Great Job!” – Claudia Rosenberg, Second V.P. Field Training and Development, Mass Mutual “I have tremendous respect for Gary and his work.  Gary  Acevedo is an extraordinary facilitator and teacher.  Just watching him facilitate a group is a deep learning opportunity. Any workshop leader, serious about improving their skills, would be wise to be his student.  His insight and understanding can have deep impact towards personal change. Gary teaches material that can enhance a company’s efforts towards personal and interpersonal effectiveness. ” – Dick Roth, Supervisor, Covey  Leadership Center, Olympic Gold Medalist “Gary Acevedo’s Train the Trainer course as by far the best experiential training I have attended yet.  Gary’s depth of knowledge is fantastic!  Excellent course!  I would recommend it to anyone!” – Jane Herron, Consultant and Author, International Public SpeakerThe skills I learned have made big changes in the way I perceive and interact with family members, fellow staff members, and, probably most importantly, patients . . . . It was fun, and a little unsettling, to learn that I had the power to determine the quality of my conversations and relationships. The workshop atmosphere is safe and non-confrontational, with no requirement to participate. Once I got past my original skepticism, however, I found the workshops were too much fun not to participate.” –Raphael Benjamin, M.D.  Radiology Dept., St. Vincent’s Hospital


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