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Sept. 13

6:30 p.m.  -   10:30 p.m.


Sept. 14

6:30 p.m.  -   10:30 p.m.


Sept. 15

9:30 a.m.  -   10:30 ish p.m.


Sept. 16

8:30 a.m.  -  11:30 ish p.m.


Sept. 17

9:30 a.m.  -  5:30 p.m.


Highlights of Spirit of the Awakened Warrior

The Joy of Failure:  The Great Key to Success This is a course on how to effectively deal with the negatives of your life in order to accelerate your growth and success.  Success is NOT a function of how you respond when things are going well…success is a function of how your respond to failure!  How do you most effectively fail forward?  How do you respond when you're terrified, or fall on your face, when you know what you “could” do, and notice yourself not doing it.  What do you do when your "fight or flight mind" criticizes you viciously, won’t leave you alone, and the circumstances seem to get worse by the minute? Self-Compassion:  The Way Home One's response to "bad news" determines one's success and growth.  For years we've watched people do the  workshops - and some grew slowly while others grew by leaps and bounds.  Why?  It's in the level of self-compassion people have for themselves when they're buried in life's messes.  Most people struggle by trying to avoid "messes."  They try, try, try.  Our job is to make messes!  Growth comes not by avoiding messes, or by beating ourselves up when we make messes, but by cleaning up the mess, making the correction and moving on.  As you learn to effectively deal with your fears, trials, criticisms and failures…you facilitate and expedite your growth and success.  Certain key skills definitely make life easier.  None is more important than self-compassion applied to your failures.    If the Awakening is the booster phase, this course is the breakaway phase of the rocket Why is there pain?  A New Paradigm:  The Creation of the Physical Universe Why is there pain?  Why is the physical universe designed for so much pain, anguish and suffering?  There is an answer . . . one of profound significance.   This process holds the answer and contains the power to dramatically transform one’s perception of reality.  It is a profoundly moving experience infinite growth.  A paradigm shift is available in this process that totally alters the way participants view the pain and battles of daily living.  Awakening grads will also understand the necessity of experiencing certain processes only after the group has achieved a very high state of being.  Only after being lifted to unprecedented heights - which Awakening grads can create - will this process be presented and have the full scope of its influence realized.

Highlights of the Course

The Outdoor Program (Required):  The Adventure Beyond Fear There is one thing that stops us from attaining our dreams - fear.  It is what all upsets; problems, barriers, dysfunctional patterns and alienating behaviors have in common.  Fear is the fundamental barrier.  At every stage of success, creating a new relationship to your own fear attains higher ground.  People have a fear "thermostat," which measures their current relationship to fear.  As the fear decreases, success in love, career and other areas increases.   This one-day program is designed to be one of the most effective innovations for anchoring in a new level of mastery over your fears.  This is guaranteed to be one of the most profound, moving and inspiring days of your life - a day you will remember for the rest of your life. Fire Walk (Optional):  The Experience of No Limits Originally, this process of volunteers walking across a bed of hot coals was considered unbelievable - a myth.  A few years ago, Tony Robbins and others began to make it a regular part of their seminars.  Still it was considered only for kooks!  Now everyone is doing it.  Like the outdoor program, it is one of the most effective experiences for anchoring in a new relationship with fear.  An extraordinary experience you will never forget! Connected Breath:  Unprecedented Love One of the true breakthroughs of our time, this simple gentle non-threatening method is designed to release any unwanted unfinished business by reprogramming old tapes, facilitating new revelations, bringing about new decisions.  It is a profound and unprecedented experience of unconditional love.  Following the ropes course, its impact is even more powerful. The Evolution of Consciousness:  The Global Brain For generation after generation mankind has sought to live on higher ground, placing one brick on top of another, until this magical time when some of us don't need to worry about where the next meal will come from.  Beyond survival is this magical time when we can focus on consciousness.  Profound experiences can be available not only to the rare and few, but to all.  We are in the middle of the biggest transformation of all time for the planet.  It is a breakdown and breakthrough of unimaginable proportions and we are just riding the crest of the wave that is now upon us. Success is NOT a function of how you respond when things are going well... Success is a function of how you respond to failure! Create a new relationship with FEAR, the one fundamental barrier to increasing successes in every area of your life. Experience your highest SELF, and create an anchor to the most powerful YOU available. Release unwanted, unfinished business by reprogramming old tapes, facilitating new revelations, and bringing about new decisions. Advanced Acceleration through Courage, Self-Compassion and a Higher View

Location:                   Rise Leadership Group – 9192 South 300 West Suite 10, Sandy UT

(Saturday - The day of the ropes course and fire walk)

To Be Announced (Separate location from course room)


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