Success Beyond Sales {Special Offer}

Hello, I’m Gary Acevedo.

All sales occur at the moment one has a direct experience of the value.

• Learn how to play the “Genie Game” (ask the right questions) in order to get the client to keep talking about their value until they get so specific that they have a direct experience of the value.

When the client has a direct experience of the value you will hear a “clunk.” Until you hear a  clunk” ANY consideration will stop them. Once you have a “clunk” NO consideration will stop them!

• Enrollment is a revolution beyond ordinary sales. Enrollment is assisting people to experience their dreams.

• Enrollment IS success! Your ability to succeed in all areas is built on your ability to enroll people into your ideas, projects, products, services and most importantly into you!

• In every area of your life where you want specific results, there will be an enrollment conversation that could bring you those results… there will be a specific place within the enrollment conversation where you will stop. This all boils down to the following: The only thing between you and your dreams is the conversations that you DON’T WANT to have! Have them, and success is now available.

• Learn to raise your level of motivation and commitment to every single sales call. Have your energetic invisible antennae enroll their invisible antennae for unprecedented results.

“In 14 years of consulting, having worked with hundreds of organizational development  professionals, Gary is without qualification the best facilitator I’ve ever encountered… the single most profound developmental experience of my professional career. I experienced a significant paradigm shift…A change from ‘should do’ motivation to ‘want to’ motivation . . . [It was] a deeply moving experience.” Ron McMillan, Co Author “Crucial Conversations” “Influencer” and “Change Anything”

“…I finally enrolled and WOW has it changed my life! Gary’s work takes the message from a concept to an actual experience.…truly life changing. Since Gary’s work, my income has consistently increased,…several months over $50 K!!!! …I’m looking forward to my first six figure month!!! If you are considering Gary’s work, STOP thinking about it and JUST DO IT!” Harvey Docksteder, Entreprenuer

“… I’ve been in sales for many years. I consider myself to be near the top of my game in my industry…a few sessions with you…The techniques, insights, and polishing my script…realized a 40% increase in sales. I can’t thank you enough…” Corbin Wells, Mortgage Banker

“… I rose to be top salesperson out of 300 with my direct sales group… and considered to be the best public speaker and trainer in my company because of the many skills I learned in your workshops. Thank you Gary.” Al Borgess, Sales Supervisor, SIGNTRONICS

“I was astounded at the impact you had in a few days … I witnessed an unprecedented shift in culture that ignited support and the kind of acknowledgement I have not seen in my entire career! Wow!” Jay Ward, V.P. So. Cal. Sales, XEROX

“While presenting these skills at real estate functions and CRS Leadership retreats, I found that the common response was amazement and thrill of learning something incredibly simple, that worked so well, and in a way that was refreshingly different from mainstream real estate training. It gave the agents a secret set of tools that helped them show their clients how much they cared. This course will show you how to easily connect with your clients and their needs, and create a lasting relationship with you as their ultimate “Realtor for Life.” Barbara Lang Withers, Principal Broker and Owner, Achieve Realty Group


Now, let me tell you about the bonuses you will receive with

this special offer.

  • Bonus 1: You will receive 3 .5 hrs. of a course called “Success in Relationships” including

modules on “How Life Works” and how upset get created and how you can end

upset within minutes instead of being upset for 10 years over something. Also a

revolutionary new paradigm for “Creating the Relationships of Your Dreams: A

Conscious Relationship.” Also “The Greatest Key to Influence.” What you can

be, do or have in your lifetime will greatly depend on one key ability – your ability

to influence.

  • Bonus 2: The second bonus offer is a copy of my book called “Awakening the Masterpiece

You Are: The Master Keys to Ignite Your Passion, Power and Profits.” It’s about

how whenever you move from the theater of fear to the theater of love and play,

you are doing one of 7 master keys.

  • Bonus 3: The third bonus will be powerful visualization from a Course called “The Master

Keys to Assure Your Success.” This visualization allows you to identify how

much you are willing to win if you experience that you don’t really have to do

anything in order to be good. Also it allows you to experience how your life

would unfold if for whatever reason you are not able to overcome your current

barriers; doubts, fears, insecurities etc. And how your life would unfold if you are

absolutely able to overcome your barriers.

  • Bonus 4: The fourth bonus will be an audio of a Visualization called The Power in Your

Purpose: Discover that the essence of who you are is a message, and that all of your

life’s victories and defeats, your best and worst times will all revolve around this

message of your unique essence. Discover the heart of the human spirit.

  • Bonus 5: The fifth bonus 3.5 hours of a course called “The Master Keys to Assure Your

Success.” Discover 3 keys; A Conscious Plan – A No Exits Game – How to Remove

Barriers like procrastination or resistance to doing what works. Success is simply doing

what works. Have you ever noticed that knowing what you need to do is NOT the same

as doing it.

  • Bonus 6: Free Certificate for an ENTIRE Relationships Course, live in Utah or streamed from anywhere in the world via Skype!

Now the main offer: We have a $1500 course called “Success Beyond Sales.” We are

going to give you access to 6.5 hours of the highlights of this course on unprecedented

influence and persuasion. If your income depends on sales or influence, you do not

want to miss this revolutionary material. Less than 1% of leaders know this cutting

edge material. Learn what this course has given Olympic Athletes, Fortune 500

companies, top sales people and leaders the edge in every field.


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