The 7 Master Skills of Influence

Leveraged Strategies for New Levels and Unlimited Success

With World Class Facilitator – Gary Acevedo

  • The 7 Master Skills of Influence: Become a master of people skills.  This is the “Swiss Army Knife” of empowerment.  It is one simple potent tool with 7 profound applications
    1. Disappear ANY upset – for yourself or others.
    2. How to “Melt Your Favorite Jerk” to disarm verbal attackers.
    3. Turn all complaints into contributions.
    4. Transform judgments of others into effective compassionate coaching.
    5. Transform Self-Criticism into Confidence and Peak Performance.
    6. Dissolve other’s considerations to enroll them into your ideas, services or products.
    7. Create satisfaction & fulfillment under ALL conditions – even the worst circumstances!
  • Leadership starts with a vision and ends with results – A leader is a maker of dreams.
  • Guaranteed Strategies to Manifest Abundance:  Moving from scarcity to abundance by filling the holes in the bucket of self.
  • The Power to Enroll:  Your ability to succeed in life is based on your ability to enroll people into your ideas, projects, services – into YOU!  The success you know in love, money, career, as a parent and every area depends on your ability to enroll.  Once you desire to succeed, you desire to become a master of enrollment. Aware of it or not, all conversations are always either enrolling or being enrolled.  Not all of these conversations are successful.  Don’t be a salesperson – be a facilitator of dreams!
  • The Greatest Key to Influence:  What you can be, what you can do, and what you can have will greatly depend on one key skill – your ability to influence.  Witness a powerful demonstration.  Out we will do a role-play and you’re partner will see a real difference in your facial expression, your aliveness, your presence when you do speak from one place or another.
  • The Most Potent Leverage for Manifesting Your Personal Visions:  The Art & Science of putting your visions within a higher context.  Are you swimming on the edge of the river and eddying out or moving to the middle of the river where your movement is swift and the people and resources come to you?
  • How Life Works: Ignite The Path with Passion; discover the source of all upsets and problems.  Discover the single greatest key to happiness and success!  When you’re OFF track you get lessons (bad news).  When you’re ON track you get blessings.  How to know whether your next project is headed for a train wreck or exceedingly good news! (Ultimately ALL problems are self-created balls and chains designed to keep us from moving toward our dreams and our success.  Until you stop putting up with what you are currently putting up with, you cannot rise to higher ground, where what you truly want is waiting for you.)
  • True Living is Living IN the Dream – Are you hitting nails with a hammer or “building a fort.”  (It is when you risk wholeheartedly…) Success stories – Breakout Demo – “As if your dream depends on it…”
  • Happiness (Productive) is a state of being. Nothing is more powerful to accelerate your success or fulfillment…than managing your state of being.
  • The Power of Play vs. Push:  Overcoming Overwhelm – Realize Balance & Harmony; the secret to increase your income! Getting twice as much done in 2/3 the time. The Art of Manifestation – The Ultimate Form of Accomplishment: How to call it forth – “out of the blue.”  How to Set a True Intention – 20 minutes of setting a true intention will accomplish more than a whole years worth of doing, overwhelm and stress.
  • Listening & Speaking for Certainty: Don’t set yourself up for being “dumped in the soup.”  When they don’t have clarity and you “listen for certainty” you can support them in making clear, true choices for a true intent that creates real results.
  • Speaking with Full Intent:  It is when you hold a vision, and speak with full intent, you will move mountains.  It is only when you speak with full intention that you truly progress.  Only when you speak as if you mean it, without insult or putting up with, only when you speak with full intent that they get it, that you truly get it, and you make real movement.

       The Power of Intention: (From 90 Min Enroll Course)

  • What do you want your key players to have as a skill set?  One company recently gave me their wish list which took quite a bit of time to identify:
    • gaining executive presence
    • gaining confidence
    • willingness to take risks
    • how to say “no”
    • ability to make decisions
    • how to delegate
    • how to prioritize, time management
    • how to be less defensive, not place blame, accept responsibility
    • how to give and receive feedback
    • learning how to get things done with others over whom they don’t have position power (co-operation, influence, communication)