A Two Phase Program –

Imagine the Most Powerful Process for Healing
and Reprogramming is based on what’s RIGHT about you!


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After a life changing – paradigm shifting breakthrough I always imagined I would find the next more powerful technology.  After 40 + years of immersing myself in the most cutting edge healing disciplines, I have yet to find one that comes close to the power of reprogramming core barriers as the Breakthrough process given to me by Mel Wasserman…”

                                  Gary Acevedo.

The Awakening is recognized nationally as one of the most healing and empowering retreats available. It is completely positive, non-threatening and
absolutely safe. It is a profoundly moving experience that ignites the very best in each person.
The Awakening exists as an opportunity for everyone to have a rare and profoundly moving experience; an experience of “true self.” Also known
as our “higher self,” or “sacred self,” the “true self” is smiling patiently underneath any self-doubts and fears. It is an experience that throughout
time seemed to be reserved for the rare and few – usually saints, gurus or shamans. Through a unique design of innovative visualizations and
experiential processes, we are able to awaken the deepest levels of subconscious safety. As a result of this unprecedented level of safety, we assist
people to access their visions, dreams, and passions – and their absolute unconditional love. They experience their heart and soul, their true being.
When people are kept in this moving state for more than a few hours they naturally begin to rise. They ascend to higher and higher states of “being.”
They enter higher states of perception where wondrous insights, revelations and paradigm shifting experiences occur. Then, the miracle – they meet
their true self, their fully magnificent sacred self. The experience is recognizing yourself, and being recognized by others, as a true gift to humanity.
It is knowing the full depth of your own unique value, worth, and competence.
The more success, self confidence, strength and power you bring with you, the further you will fly. When you witness the potency of your absolute
capacity to love, you experience the full spectrum of your power to impact others. The Awakening provides new methods of anchoring in these
experiences so they remain accessible at will. The ability to master accessing these higher states accelerates throughout life –

as does your ability to be a gift, to make a difference. Give yourself a moving – profound experience of  your true nobility. Change your life.

Designed by a Master – A world class Facilitator.  Inspired from a unique combination of the most potent cutting edge technologies such as:  Gestalt (A lay man’s version), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, Rapid Eye, Energy work, Body work, Generational and Ancestral Healing, Native American Ceremonies, Connected Breath, Co-counseling – Bio-Energetics, Psycho-Drama, Transactional Analysis, est & the Forum.

If you would like to view a Slideshow of The Awakening, visit the home page, or download a copy to your computer by Clicking Here.


“I’ve been a facilitator for LifeSpring, Impact, and several other transformational trainings.  This breakthrough is the Rolls Royce of Training…” 

Joe Buchman.

“…I thought what could Gary offer me that Anthony Robbins can’t?  Wow!  Tony should see the Breakthrough Gary has discovered…” 

KC Dickinson.

Phase One: June 10 – 15 & 18, 2016

Required Support Meeting:

  • June 18, 2016 (9:10 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.)
  • June 23, 2016 (6:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.)
  • July 7, 2016 (6:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.)
  • July 13, 2016 (6:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.)
  • July 27, 2016 (9:15 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.)
  • August 11, 2016 (6:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.)

Phase Two: August 17 – 21 & 28, 2016

Required Support Meeting:

  • August 27, 2016 (9:10 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.)

Location: Resort To Be Announced


There is a vision, a passion, a power beyond anything you have ever imagined… that power is you!


The Awakening Retreat:


You have come a long way . . .

Beyond what you know is another undiscovered territory.

Within you is an extraordinary realm of unlimited power beyond anything you may have imagined.

Throughout history this rare place has been visited only by few, usually a saint or guru.  This innovative retreat has made this realm and the adventure of finding it available to all.



Certain moments in life plunge one into the profoundly inspiring, moving and best experiences of self.  These are out of the ordinary moments of vision and natural knowing.  In these moments, all of one’s usual responses to the world are transformed.  New levels of courage, playfulness, expression, contentment and celebration unveil themselves to us.  By taking us beyond the fears and doubts, patterns and old ways, below the surface, we can arrive at core of our true nobility; to the very core of personal power, the heart of influence, to the full self expression of the gift we are. It is beyond our fears that our true success in love life, parenting, leadership, and fulfilling our vision, mission and purpose ignite.  These unparalleled experiences begin to serve as a beacon; a state of being that continuously returns us to our true power and fulfillment.  Our newfound awareness guides us away from actions that drain our aliveness to those that energize us.  Designed by a Master – A world class Facilitator, the retreat called The Thresholds Retreat (Corp.) or The Awakening (Public) is such an experience.  As an ultimate advisor, it is a door to full aliveness.  It is your willingness to have it all in life that takes you through that door.


This breakthrough accelerates one’s own personal power exponentially.  It heals the family and awakens the power of deepest love.  It is the very heart of the human spirit.  It is a place of miracles.  With it, leaders will kindle vision, create conversations that free the best in those around them, and inspire effective action.  They will expand the scope of their influence, make a difference and leave their mark.  It fosters the very best in leaders, and awakens the leader in all of us.  There is an awe-inspiring vision, a passion and a personal power beyond anything you may have ever experienced.  This innovation is now ready for you.  Rise Leadership Group exists to take you across the threshold into the unforgettable experience of your innate magnificence.


Success Stories

•   Best-selling author Ron McMillan was the highest rated, and most successful trainer at The Covey Leadership center.  During his training the man in charge of 40,000 people said, “Ron, I know you’re a good guy, and you mean well, but I just don’t think this is going to fit in our culture.”  He knew he had just lost the contract with AT&T, so with nothing to lose he used a skill from the Awakening retreat called “How to Melt Your Favorite Jerk”  The executive “melted,” he turned the man around, and walked out with a 6.5 million dollar contract.

•   Out of applying the principles of the Awakening Retreat and “the greatest key to manifesting personal dreams” Joseph Grenny and his partners created “Unite Us,” a non-profit organization designed to spread the work of Micro-funding around the globe.  They are currently responsible for bringing 12 million people out of poverty.  With Ron McMillan, they were asked to advise Gorbachev, and with their partners wrote best sellers including “Crucial Conversations,” “Crucial Confrontations,” “Influencer” and most recently “Change Anything.”

•   Burt built a machine that saves premature babies lives!  He was about to lose his business due to problems with a regulatory agency.  Facing 5 agents loaded for bear, he used “How to Melt Your Favorite Jerk” and within an hour had them all brainstorming how he could keep his business!  Today 1000’s of baby’s lives have been saved because Bert got coaching from Gary.  His machine saved the life of Gary’s pre-mature niece!

•   Using potent principles and tools from “Manifesting Money,” Harvey ignited his network marketing type of company, raising his income from $150,000 a year, to $70 – 80,000 a month within 7 months.

•   Al went from 1/3 down the list out of 200 sales people to #1 using Gary’s “Success Beyond Sales.”

•   Muffy Davis won 4 silver medals in the last Olympics after one session with Gary.  He used master tools from NLP to give her a physical anchor to replicate her best performance at will.

•   Using the skill “Guaranteed Way to Increase Your income,” Entrepreneur Marjolein Brugman created blessings; the rights to the Palladis exercise machine. With infomercials her success has catapulted.

•   Charles was a lawyer making $150 an hour.  As a one man show he was not likely to win the $1500 an hour contract competing with the largest firms. Using the skills from “The Power to Enroll” he won the contract!

•   Corbin was a mortgage banker making over $10,000 a month and within 20 sessions using a version of Gary’s tool called “The Genie Game” he reported increasing his sales over 40%.

•   There are innumerable success stories of saved marriages, lost teens becoming successful, and family healing.

What People are Saying:

“In 14 years of consulting, having worked with hundreds of organizational development professionals, Gary is without qualification the best facilitator I’ve ever encountered . . . the single most profound developmental experience of my professional career.   I experienced a significant paradigm shift . . . Gary brings a revolutionary method to the learning of principles. [It was] a deeply moving experience . . . – Ron McMillan, VitalSmarts Partner, Co Author “Crucial Conversations,” “Influencer” and “Change Anything”

 “Few people have had such an impact that it has affected me virtually everyday of my life. Gary’s retreat influenced our ability to create a project to bring 3.5 million people out of poverty through Micro-Funding.  I can now envision the end of poverty on this planet.” –  Joseph Grenny, Partner VitalSmarts and Co-Author “Crucial Conversations” and “Influencer”

“I’ve been a marketing professional for over fifteen years. I finally enrolled and WOW has it changed my life! “…truly life changing.  Since Gary’s work, my income has consistently increased,…several months over $50 K!!!! …I’m looking forward to my first six figure month!!!  If you are considering Gary’s work, STOP thinking about it and JUST DO IT!” –  Harvey Dockstader – Entrepreneur , Co-Founder “Elite Activity”

 “ . . . outstanding.  It was amazing how much material you shared in such a short amount of time.  I came away with some valuable tools, which made an immediate impact in my training.  My evaluation scores have already reflected the difference . . . Every speaker and/or trainer should hear your material.” –  Art Berg, President, UTAH SPEAKERS ASSOCATION

 “For 15 years I’ve felt that most trainings were lecture intensive, but could only experiment for what else to use.  When it worked I didn’t know why!  From Gary, not only do I have training tools from the cutting edge, I know the structure behind the magic I can create.  My clients want you back for more!” – Tilly O’Neal, Senior Training Consultant, AT&T Corporate Education and Training

“… out of my participation in several courses I rose to be top salesperson out of 300 with my direct sales group called Signtronics because of the many skills I learned in your workshops …I’m a top manager and considered to be the best public speaker and trainer in my company because of the many skills I learned in your workshops.  I even gained an extraordinary relationship.  Thank you Gary.” – Al Borgess, Sales Supervisor, SIGNTRONICS

 “The skills I learned have made big changes in the way I perceive and interact with family members, fellow staff members, and, probably most importantly, patients . . .. It was fun, and a little unsettling, to learn that I had the power to determine the quality of my conversations and relationships. The workshop atmosphere is safe and non-confrontational, with no requirement to participate. Once I got past my original skepticism, however, I found the workshops were too much fun not to participate.” – Raphael Benjamin, M.D.  Radiology Dept., ST. VINCENTS HOSPITAL



For Reservations or info call our OFFICE 801-414-7020


Phase I:                TBD (Economy – Including Lodging and Meals)

Phase II:             TBD  (Economy – Including Lodging and Meals)

Required Support Meetings Included in the Tuition

Location:        To be announced

Enroll in both phases and save

Economy:      TBD            – Will share a bed– May share a room 4 – 6 folks.

Standard:     TBD           – Your own bed– May share a room with others.

Luxury:         TBD          – Private room, bathroom, kitchen, fireplace (If available). Three follow-up

private coaching sessions included with a top facilitator.

Ultimate:     TBD           – Private room, bathroom, kitchen, fireplace (if available). 6 follow up

Private coaching sessions with Gary ($600 – $1500 VALUE).  FREE

SEMINAR ($500 VALUE). Additional 1/2 DAY group facilitation

session with Gary (What Gary does for his % clients to ignite their projects).

   Reviewers*:                           TBD         (economy)

Child 13 & Under:                   TBD        (economy)

A $500.00 NON-REFUNDABLE* (see below) /NON-TRANSFERABLE deposit is required to register.

Payment in full must be received 14 Days in advance to reserve your place.

(After this you join the waiting list – and must pay with cashier check or money order).

For info on “The Art & Science of Manifesting Money” call us.

  • If the event is postponed the deposit is fully refundable, or you may hold it for a future date.
  • Space is limited and available on a first come first serve basis.